Customer Testimonials

"Vermont Pure CBD is the most effective CBD tincture I have used."

Kevin K.

"I grew up in Addison County and live in Georgia now. I've been looking for CBD oil but had some difficulty finding one that was 100% pure. Why not check out what my home state had to offer? I ordered on a Friday, and it showed up in my mailbox on Monday. Super impressed with the speedy delivery. Bought another roll for a friend. Can't wait to check out the salve!

5 stars. Love supporting Vermont businesses!"

Rebecca R.

"Our retail store recently started carrying Vermont Pure CBD.  In the two short weeks we had it on the shelves several customers have made positive comments on how well it is working for them.   Our customers are excited to be supporting another small business that is helping them feel a bit better.  We look forward to building our professional relationship with Vermont Pure CBD.  Thank you."

Karina L., Buyer, Hardwick Farmer’s Co-Op Exchange.

"I take Vermont Pure CBD oil to help me sleep. I'm also glad to know that Vermont Pure CBD is made only with natural ingredients and I'm not putting harsh chemicals into my body."

Peter F.

"Taking Vermont Pure CBD tincture under my tongue for osteoarthritis in my hands. This is the safest, most effective treatment I've found."

Cindy S.

"Quality products, quality people. fair prices."

Ken K.

"Using this for our 13 year old Black lab(almost 14) she was sleeping most of the day . Limped when walking do pep to her step! She after 6 days is jumping on the couch wagging her tale barking at squirrels like she use to and even chased one last night!! She has not done that in years! I’m sold!! Use this and see the change in your old beloved pets! I thought this was her last fall now I believe she will be tearing to go for a while longer!"

Grammie Sue M.

"I enjoy their high-quality products. Good color & taste. I'm very satisfied with this company, and trust their products. I appreciate that lab test results are available on their website. I highly recommend."

Susan M.

"Ordered a 500 mg topical. I work outside and love it. Lasted 3 weeks so I found it economical. Let me know if there are any more promotions because it has really helped me. Thanks."


"CBD cart is the shit. Two vape hits and I'm good to go"

Phish fan

"I enjoy Vermont Pure CBD's high-quality products. Good color & taste. Fair price & excellent delivery time. I'm very satisfied with this company and trust their products. Lab Tests are posted. I highly recommend."


"Used one 100mg dropper over about a month. Orange (my chick hated the flavor, i didn't mind it). I'm not a weed smoker. I have pretty nasty anxiety and occasional insomnia / segmented sleeping. The first few days were a little touchy. Even though you don't get stoned, you still feel something.
Dipped back in when the anxiety had ebbed a bit, and I'm loving it. Like a lot of things, your attitude affects the experience a bit. When taken with confidence it's a delight. Non-drowsy, but mellow. stuck in traffic? no big deal. Running late? meh! Things that would normally annoy or frustrate sort of come and go. I'm a little funnier, more relaxed, but still crystal clear: total agency and control. 
I appreciate that it's a huge fad right now, accusations of snake oil, placebo, etc pervade the entire industry. No one seems to be able to explain what the effects are or why, chemically, they are experienced. It's all very high level. But i'm on board. Ordered two more vials from Vermont Pure CBD over the black Friday sale. Look forward to advances in science that will support development, testing, and new products."


Phish Fan

"Vermont Pure CBD has been the best.  I'm a medical cannabis card user in PA but I much prefer the products from Vermont Pure CBD. I use it daily for that and it helps so much.  My dog is 14 years old, and I give him a few milligrams three times a day.  He's a different dog now.  I even got my business partner ordering CBD for his dog from Vermont Pure CBD.  Not to mention the education the owner has continually supplied on a music message board.  I can't say enough about the products & attention to detail.  Thank you!"


"I am somewhat new to using CBD oil to see if it could ameliorate some of the devastating symptoms of chronic Lyme disease.  After trying a couple brands that were ok, I made a commitment to find a “Vermont produced as pure as possible product with no flavors or sweeteners”.  I am so grateful a local store recommended you!

Winter is my hardest season. Sometimes I fall over and have to grab at a counter or table.  I have kept on moving, walking and going out amazingly well this very cold snowy Vermont winter!  Taking your oil 3-4 times a day is like sending life giving medicine to my cells.

I like taking smaller doses throughout the day and before going to bed because my body responds quickly to the healing properties of Vermont Pure CBD oil.  I am beginning to trust an undercurrent of healing and stability of living a life with reduced pain and precious clarity of mind and emotion, happening mercifully through using your product."


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